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We at Alkaline Healing are contactable via email at or you can DM us on our Instagram page linked below for any inquiry about our website, brand, or products.

Any inquiry will be gone over by the direct creators of Alkaline Healing. We respect your time and consideration in sending us any emails and will review each inquiry thoroughly. When emailing us we will get back to you within a time period of 1-3 business days.


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We are constantly active on our Instagram and keep our followers updated on any promotions, new products, or upcoming news or changes about our brand! We highly recommend following us to be apart of our healing community, have direct contact with the creators, and to keep yourself updated with any news we share on our Instagram!

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We care about the perspectives and journeys of each and every one of our customers so don't be afraid to send us a private email email involving any questions, reviews, or feedback you would like to give us. It's what we're here for! We want to help take care of you and your body in the best ways possible.

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